Who We Are

Faical Coffee SAC is a leader and competitive company in the coffee market. Our main goal is to have a strategic relationship with the producers as well as looking for quality coffee to satisfy the national and international market through standardize process that guarantees the production, quality and commercialization.

Our objective is to guarantee a quality product to have a permanent client satisfaction covered by our manual work. This work allows us to be competitive in the coffee market offering trustfulness and credibility.

We are compromise to a continue grow and social responsibility.


To develop a long term relationship with our clients and contributors through dedication to deliver high quality standards. We give privileged to innovation, technology and the permanent compromise with the productivity and quality. The life of the coffee producers will be improving as well as the environment.


To be the leader enterprise, recognizable and innovative in the quality coffee commercialization. This will be developed through direct relationships with our national and international clients. We will be implementing cutting-edge technology and professional collaborators with the main goal to be in the market with the higher demand of quality coffee.

Our corporate values


  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • We believe in the improvements of our processes
  • We value the initiative and creativity
  • We see an opportunity in change


  • We love what we do
  • We are partners with our clients
  • We encourage a well done job
  • We trust our developments


  • We value our enterprise as well as our clients
  • We are proud of our efficiency
  • We share our knowledge and experience
  • We follow high quality standards
  • We exceed our goal and expectations
  • We respect diversity
  • We value and encourage environmental awareness
  • We look for an integral growth that improves the quality life of the contributors and community


  • We lead by being the role mode
  • We are proud of our transparency
  • we are true to our principles